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Every Sunday, Wednesday from 09/22/2019 to 10/27/2019
Location: FBC Allen TX, 201 E. McDermott Dr., Allen, TX US 75002

SUN, OCT 20  |  after second service  |  DETAILS/RSVP 

GROUP OPTIONS (select one):
Sunday mornings: 9:00a or 10:30a - in Bible Fellowship Groups, led by various leaders (see group info below)*
Sunday evenings: 5:30p - led by Lezah Maitland in The Well
Wednesday evenings: 6:00p - led by Gayle Smith in E107

A large number of people are confused and overwhelmed with the Old Testament. This six-week study will help connect the dots and provide you with a better understanding of God's Grand Story.


WEEK 5 - Divided Kingdom (Oct 14-20): For a brief moment in time, the chosen people had shown signs of their potential glory. But like Adam and Eve in the garden, they fell. And fell again. And again and again. Like the rest of us, they sought sustenance, significance, and meaning in life. But also like many of us, they sought it in the wrong places, wandering from God until He gets our attention. 

WEEK 4 - United Kingdom (Oct 7-13): What is the kingdom of God? This world has not experienced the fullness of His reign since Eden, but we get glimpses of it in Scripture and even in our own lives. One of those glimpses is in the monarchy that developed after the time of the judges. It was never perfect but it would give us that glimpse - hints of what God's greater kingdom will look like one day.

WEEK 3 - Promised Land (Sep 30-Oct 6): Throughout Israel's history, we will see the opportunities promised in the wilderness fulfilled when the nation keeps its end of the covenant. And though God is always faithful even when His people aren't, we will see them miss the promised opportunities when they betray the covenant. 

WEEK 2 - Wanderings (Sep 23-29): Life is a journey, and our story begins in captivity. Like Israel, we need deliverance, a miraculous exodus that sets us free. God provides that to those who cry out to Him and accept His plan, but even then we may spend years navigating the wilderness in front of us. When we trust Him, He gets us to our promised land. 

WEEK 1 - Beginnings (Sep 16-22): Why do we exist? Where did we come from? What is our purpose? Nearly everyone wrestles with these questions because we long to understand the meaning of life. The Bible gives us many of those answers in its very first book: Genesis. 

Here are some activities you can do with your children to introduce and reinforce the lessons from week 1:

God's Grand Story
  Bible study guidebooks are available in the church office for $5 each (cash/check only).

Week 5's personal readings begin Monday, October 14. Group discussion will begin the following Sunday in small groups.

*If you are not already involved in a Sunday morning small group, please join us for one. Groups meet at either 9:00a or 10:30a. Feel free to visit the Welcome Desk for group locations or 

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