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Unexpected Encounter

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At Saturday’s training, I was paired to go out with a man and his friend, We knocked on the door of a sweet lady, who began talking to us and started crying. She called us “angels from God” and said God sent us to confirm to her that she needs to make Him a priority in her life again. We asked if we could come back and read the Bible, and she said to come on Tuesday because her husband would be home and he is not a believer, and she wanted him to hear what we had to say.

We go to follow up tonight. We walked in the door of this house. Her husband comes around the corner, and it is a guy we know very well. It is a man who comes to our ESL program, and he sporadically attends our Sunday morning ESL Bible Fellowship Group. He always comes alone, so we had no idea he was this lady’s husband.

We have shared the gospel with this man several times already, but tonight, he surrendered his life to Christ and wants to be baptized on Easter.

We could not believe it! Some plant, some water, some plant again, some water again, and again, and again - and praise God that He allowed us to be around to see when He gave the increase!

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