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Overwhelming Grief to Hope

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While running around picking up large donations for After Prom, at the first stop the lady of the house asked me if there was a church she could donate food or something. After a brief conversation, I asked if I could draw her a picture that changed my life. She was amazed at how simple the Gospel was. She has been struggling with this. But even more difficult has been her struggle losing a young daughter. She is in so much grief it hurt me seeing it. I told her that only God can give us real joy in tough times. She said her daughter read the Bible and she has too. I suggested she should start with John since she has not read that book yet. Her husband works with a friend of mine who was able to connect us for the donation to After Prom.

Please pray fervently for Mr. & Mrs. J and their 21-year-old son. They are seeking comfort from the loss of their young daughter and desire to find a place where they can volunteer to help others. They are not plugged into a church family and you can see God is speaking to them. 

Be encouraged to join in the effort. Find training opportunities offered on a regular basis at: 


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