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If You Can't Go...Pray!

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Tomorrow we have another training. Over 100 people will be going out into the harvest, in Allen, Texas. 

Our church sent a team to Tacoma, Washington, to lead a training for a group of churches there this weekend. They will be going out into the harvest in Washington tomorrow. 

We also have a team on the ground in Kenya, Africa, sharing the gospel, and training other churches and leaders. 

This is so very neat and exciting! God is working all around us, and our church makes it easy for us to get involved, whether it be local, stateside, or global. 

One quote that I heard which keeps me going "I'd hate to get to heaven one day and hear God say that He was at work all around me, yet my excuses and busy life kept me from joining His work." 
Jump in somewhere! One easy way to jump in is through prayer. With all the gospel-sharing going on tomorrow, we need people praying. We usually go out in Allen around 2:00. Are you willing to come to the church, Building E, and just sit and pray for those going out? Maybe you cannot come to the church, but can you commit to praying tomorrow as you go about your day, for these 3 teams sharing the gospel? That is the most powerful part that you can easily take part in. 

-Jill R.


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