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Going Strong 1 Year Later

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I was reminded by a friend yesterday, that a year ago this weekend was our church's very first Great Commission Training. What a year it has been! We have seen God work in unimaginable ways, over and over again! Let's re-visit those stories of God at work, and reflect on His goodness. Here are a few stories how we have seen God at work:

The Great Commission Training has made a huge impact on me just getting me off my spiritual hind-parts and actually sharing the Gospel! We've even trained (specifically to the 7th grade boys class) around 17 young men how to study the Bible and help others do the same—building disciples who can make disciples! - T

I remember before the first training.... some ladies and I were studying thru the book of John on Wednesday nights. Each week we would pray that God would give us the opportunities and boldness to share the gospel in our daily lives. Then the training came to better equip us!!!! More specifically, R was in that study.... and now she and her husband have a POD and Brazilian “church” meeting to make more disciples! - H

It's completely changed me and my family. We are not the same people we were a year ago. Three things especially stand out in my mind personally - being able to share and then immediately see people baptized, having the tools to personally disciple people, and the start of the Sunday morning class for those learning English. All 3 of these I would have said I was not equipped for a year ago (and am still learning) but going through this process, I have seen over and over and over how God takes a simple step of obedience and joins it up with his power, and it turns in to something that is truly beyond anything we can think or imagine. - J

My dad received Christ as Lord and Savior last Summer when my husband presented the gospel using 3-circles and gave him a Bible. He recently shared with me he's been reading his Bible for the first time in his life and he's really enjoying it, he even mentioned that he liked reading Genesis so much that he read 25 pages in one sitting ...
He told me everything about Noah and other stories he has read and how he always heard here and there about these stories but now he can really know by himself the true story reading from his own Bible ... 
I can’t express in words the joy that filled my heart as I was listening to all the excitement in my dad’s voice that can only come from the Holy Spirit! Life changing is the least I can say about this journey. - R

I pray more than I go out, due to a 6-year-old & my husband’s love of going out, but the change in our family because of the 3 circles tool and POD is undeniable. The 6 & 15-year-olds in our house are proof of this. I would’ve never considered fostering without the deeper relationship I now have with God. Thank you for bringing this simple way to share the gospel to our church. - C


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