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Coming Out of Brokenness

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This happened in the Harvest on Sunday with one of our teams.

We knocked on a door answered by a young mother with a 22-month old boy in her arms. She accepted prayer and allowed us to share the gospel using the three circles. Just as we started the 3 circles, the little boy said, "Papa." His dad drove up. We started over with the 3 circles after he came up. It was beginning to rain, so we huddled under their small porch.

When the question was asked "where are you?" he said, we are in brokenness but are wanting to be here (pointing to God's perfect design). After a couple of minutes, we asked if they would like to go ahead and surrender their lives to Jesus. They agreed. I introduced the prayer saying, I am going to offer suggestions on what to say, but want it to be your words. I said something like, "if you don't mean it, then there is no reason to do this." The husband orally acknowledged he understood that. I don't think he took this lightly.

We exchanged contact information and talked about getting together for the next steps. They were thankful for us and our continued prayers. We'll stay in touch with them.

Please pray they will meet with the team again for discipleship.

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