NOTE: We will begin a new session on September 9. Registration for the next session will open in July.

When and Where: 

Cost & Childcare:

  • $10/couple for workbook alone (no childcare); or 
  • $30/couple includes workbook and childcare for all sessions. Childcare is provided for Pre-K-Grade 6 with advanced reservations; drop off begins at 3:45 p.m. You may sign up for childcare when you sign up for re|engage.

What is re|engage?

re|engage is a marriage enrichment program.

Marriages in any condition can benefit, whether you are struggling to get along, your marriage is broken, or you simply want to grow closer together as a couple.

re|engage examines God's design for marriage and applies principles from the Bible to guide couples towards growth in their relationship with each other. 

What can we expect?

1. Receive encouragement by hearing stories from other couples that have experienced victory in the midst of hard times.

2. Be placed in a small group with a facilitator couple and other couples to work through the curriculum.

Here are some short informational videos from Generations Pastor, Jimmy Smith to help you get a better understanding of what to expect:


Three Main Components: 

  • Large Group - Time of Worship plus Testimony or Teaching;
  • Small Group Discussion;
  • Workbook - Homework (10-15 minutes)

Small Group Structure: 

Couples in different seasons of life will be grouped together through the entire program.

  • Attendance: If you think you will miss more than two sessions, it becomes difficult to build community with your group, so we ask that you wait until the next time re|engage is offered to take full advantage of this program. It is important for both spouses to attend the sessions, so if your spouse can't or won't come with you, it may be best to wait until the next semester to join in a group.
  • Is this only for those who are experiencing marriage problems?|engage is for any couple, whether you would rate your marriage as a 2 or a 10, every couple can have a great experience through re|engage.
  • Can we invite friends to join our small group? Your friends are welcome to join re|engage before the small groups are established, however, in order to foster community and trust within your small group, each group will be closed to newcomers once re|engage begins for the semester. If your friends miss re|engage this semester, encourage them to sign up for the next semester.

What couples are saying about re|engage:

Read stories from re|engage couples and learn more about re|engage.

For more information, contact:
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Jimmy Smith

Generations Pastor


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