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Watching God Move

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Tonight’s activity from groups that reported: 25 people prayed for, 14 gospel shares - all in about an hour or so! There were stories of people in desperate need of prayer, and stories of responses as our team shared the gospel.

This evening was neat for me personally. I got to go out with John W. and our pastor. When we drove into the neighborhood, Pastor Chad said “Rhonda and I have been prayer walking these streets.” I knew then it’d be a good night:)

It was neat to watch, as a man named Jerry opened the door. Pastor Chad shared the gospel, and Jerry was engaged and asking questions along the way. At the end, Jerry said he was in brokenness and needed to surrender to Jesus! He prayed to receive Christ and seemed genuinely excited to meet for follow up discipleship. I was blessed to get to witness it.

I am thankful for a pastor who leads by example and practices what he preaches. I am also thankful for God leading us to where He was at work tonight!

-Jill R.

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