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They Are Just Waiting to Hear the Gospel

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One never knows what door God is leading you to knock on. We came to the last door of the night before heading back to church. I was thinking (but didn’t express it verbally) that we’re going to be late for meeting with the rest of the harvesters and we should probably skip this last door - so glad I didn’t!

We met a young man I will call A.M. He and his young family just moved to Allen. He allowed us to pray for him and then he allowed us to share 3 circles. He, without hesitation, identified with brokenness, but had not given much thought to how to address it. He admitted that seeing the Gospel presented visually showed him clearly that the only solution to his brokenness was through Jesus Christ! And seeing he believed, and believing he accepted Jesus as his personal savior! Pray for us as we begin the process of discipleship with A.M. if you haven’t been in the harvest for awhile, let me encourage you to come and go. Yes, you will encounter red lights, but then you will come across people like A.M. who are waiting for you to show and tell them the Gospel!

-Mike B.