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The Lord Works in Mysterious Ways

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I’m watching one of my neighbor’s daughters and she found this on the floor and brought it to me and asked what it meant. She doesn’t come from a Christian home so I was super excited to share the three circles with her from start to finish. She is nearly six years old and has never heard the Gospel, so it was a blessing to watch her take it all in. After I finished going through it, she wandered off with my daughter and I took another look at the card...

How on earth I missed the word “fart” written on the card, while I went through the entirety of the three circles, is beyond me!!! But at least the little girl couldn’t read yet. And at least the guilty party (one of my boys, presumably) dropped it on the ground, where she eventually stumbled across it, leading to the presentation of the Gospel. I should be annoyed... but we will just file this under “the Lord works in mysterious ways.”

-Amy H.