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Sharing the Gospel with Cupcakes

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Can we get some prayer warriors lifting up our visit with T tonight? I just got a text from her stating that her friend, whom she has been praying for in her sphere of influence, was talking with her some about Jesus today. This friend has agreed to come meet with us this evening when we visit with T. Pray specifically for God to be working on her friend's heart and for her to see her need to surrender to Jesus. Also pray for T's 15-year old son, D, whom we are not sure is a believer. Hopefully tonight he will hear the gospel and realize his need for Jesus. 

Since today is T's birthday. We told her we would bring cupcakes and have Bible study. She seems really excited about this. I know she has invited a few other friends to come as well. I would love to have some prayers warriors praying throughout the day for this, and tonight at 6:30 when we meet with them. Thanks so much!

UPDATE: Thanks so much for the prayers. Her friend did come, and she heard the gospel. She has no religious history at all, so she said she liked what she heard but just needed time to think about it. She did agree to start meeting with us weekly to read more and learn more about the Bible. Keep her in your prayers!

-Jill R.