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Pray for Those Who are Too Busy

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Just had a man come by and try to sell me a new roof. Uninterested, and trying to get rid of him, I told him I was too busy to talk business because I was trying to sell our truck. When he heard that, he became interested in the truck himself, bought it on the spot (HUGE answer to prayer for us), and while working out details for him to come back to pick it up later on, I asked how I could pray for him. The have-it-together business man switched off and he somberly answered that he was worried about his health and that his days are limited. He hasn’t been able to breath the last few nights and isn’t sure if he can survive another night like last night (he has COPD). We prayed and I asked if I could share the three circles with him. He obliged, and at the end, he said he was broken, but is too busy to surrender. I reminded him he may not have another day and he noddingly agreed, but still couldn’t bring himself to surrender. I asked if he would like to talk more and he said yes, but something tells me he will be too “busy”. That said, he IS coming back by to pick up the truck later on, and he is trying to get my business for a new roof, so I’m sure I will see him again, if God gives him more days.

But pray for this man. His name is Mike. He knows he is broken and nothing can satisfy like Jesus, but he is too tough, in control, and busy to surrender. Pray he surrenders before it’s too late.

-Amy H.


Tessa Devance November 3, 2017 4:26pm

I will pray for you and Mike.