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Power in Prayer

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Long post alert - So I think it's pretty common knowledge that I had a medical procedure and have been in the hospital. Ross told me that the group going out on Sunday night prayed for me, and prayed specifically for a gospel opportunity through my situation.

Cool story of your prayers being answered - My nurse today was super friendly and sat down and talked with us at length each time she came in. In the course of conversation, Ross asked where she lived in Allen. She stated she lived in Twin Creek Apartments. Ross proceeded to tell her how he was familiar with those apartments and what our church was doing. She said "oh, someone from your church knocked on our door before Christmas and they have texted me a few times since but I haven't responded. She said "let me look through my phone and see who it is."

She said "oh, the girl's name is Taylor and she came with a guy named Jimmy. They drew a picture for me." Ross flipped his phone over to his 3 circle sticker and said "did the picture look like this?" Ross went through the gospel again with her using the sticker on his phone. She began to tear up, said "how many more times can God keep trying to get my attention?"

She looked up to the sky and said "ok God, I'm hearing you." She said she would text Taylor back and that her and her boyfriend wanted to come to church and are open to getting into a group. She said she had shown the 3 circles picture to her boyfriend too.

I thought you might enjoy hearing the story of God answering the group's prayers on Sunday. Even she said she didn't think it was a random coincidence that she happened to be my nurse and have this conversation with us today. It was a neat moment.

-Jill R.