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Partnering with Angel Tree

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We were able to provide gifts to over 300 people through Angel Tree this year.  This number includes gifts for our Adult Special Friends, We Care ministry, Boyd and Rountree schools, foster families, the Roadside homeless church and the children of prisoners in partnership with Prison Fellowship. Our BFGs contributed $1151 toward the purchase of children’s Bibles for every child and two adult Bibles for each family. Along with Bibles, the Jesus Film for Children was distributed to each family. Thirty-eight people assisted with Angel Tree and approximately 70 more were part of delivery teams to 35 families who were presented with Bibles, gifts and the gospel. 

As an aside, gift cards continue to come in and since we already have the number needed to mail to the families in East Texas, the extra ones are available to use for any last minute We Care families. 

-Gerri H.

Tonight was a great night! We had 2 salvations from Angel Tree Gift delivery. We had another person almost ready to surrender, but needed a little bit more time. We met a girl from Nigeria who will be coming to church on Sunday, and who wants to join a Pattern of Discipleship Group. She has already responded to a text confirming her desire to be at our church Sunday. We had a another lady whose eyes started flowing with tears when we asked if we could pray for her. She is struggling. She set up a time to meet for discipleship and has already sent a text thanking us for stopping by. A current BFG is helping a lady move tomorrow, whom they met through Angel Tree gift delivery, and learned of this need while delivery gifts. God is working and moving in Allen, TX!

-Jill R.