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Never Give Up!

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T, a girl I went to Hungary with this summer, just sent me a message. She was super excited about a way she got to use her 3 circles sticker on Saturday night!

She has a friend she met in 6th grade named M. M and her family are Hindus. T and M haven’t been close friends recently, but for years T has been praying for opportunities to share the gospel with M and that M and her family would be receptive to hearing the gospel and talking about it. T has tried several times to talk to M about spiritual matters, but M hasn’t been receptive or very interested anytime T brings up the subject. Even though they aren’t too close anymore, M randomly invited T over to play cards with her family. T went, and as they were playing cards, M saw T’s 3 circle sticker on her phone and asked her what it was. So sitting there, T got to share the gospel not only with M, but with M’s entire family. What an answer to prayer!!! She said that the family was actually really receptive and asking her a ton of questions. This is a totally different response than she has gotten in the past when trying to talk about these things with M!

T told me before she went to their house, she was a little nervous thinking about the possibility of them asking about her sticker, but she left so excited about the opportunity she had. It was also her FIRST time sharing the gospel using the three circles with someone who hasn’t seen it before. She was so excited!


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