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Let God Use You

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Good evening everyone,
I went out into the Harvest with Chris J. and Alyson W. tonight...both ministry leaders...what was I thinking? 

We all had conversations, then I had the last house of the day. A young mother with a nearly 3 year old daughter answered the door. We prayed for her and then lead her to the 3 Circles. After going thru the drawing I asked her if she was broken or in God's perfect plan. She said "broken". I asked if she wanted out of the broken and she said "yes". Chris will tell you, my eyes got real big because I knew what was next. It all went so smooth and I am still trying to process what happened. The Holy Spirit was working thru me. Yep, this guy! Amazing!!!

Regrettably, for me, I asked Chris to take over for fear I might not do it right. I now know how, in a step of faith, Peter felt when he got out of the boat, walked on water, then, went back to his flesh, not realizing that God was working.

Do your soul some good. Let God use you.

-Doug H.