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Calling All Prayer Warriors

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Here's another name to add to the prayer list for all you prayer warriors - Naudia. We have been meeting with her and will do so again tonight. She is a tough one, as she is not sure the Bible is true, or that Jesus is real. But she is curious and has agreed to meet with us weekly and to read scriptures we text her each day, to try to find out. Her husband is a believer and has been putting pressure on her to attend church with him, and to raise their son in church, so she is seeking.

Also, pray for Rebecca. She seems to be a believer but has not been discipled well. Heather and I had lunch with her last week, and are going to begin this coming week to meet with her to read Bible stories. She is very friendly and outgoing and has told us to invite others to join. So, if you are interested in joining, or if you have met another lady in the harvest who wants to come, get with me and Heather and we can give you more details.

-Jill R.