Great Commission - No Place Left

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Prayer Needs
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Continue to pray for those in our community, particularly V! She has decided to follow Jesus tonight! Pray that the Holy Spirit will create a thirst in her to lean on Jesus and to share with those around her. Be encouraged to join in the effort. Find training opportunities offered on a regular...

How Exciting!
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Super exciting story! Tonight my dad and I went out to knock on doors in our neighborhood. The second door we knocked on was a family who had a small group of friends over. We prayed for all of them and got to share the gospel. Immediately, every single one of them said they were in brokenness...

Join Us in the Harvest
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As you can see...we have a lot of ground to cover until there's No Place Left in Allen. Prayerfully consider joining our teams. Be encouraged to join in the effort. Find training opportunities offered on a regular basis at:   

Six Churches United
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We have a group training today at FBC Allen! Six churches will be represented! Please PRAY:   -for the trainers and modelers  -for the ones receiving the training  -that God will be glorified and His message multiplied! Thanks for being faithful prayer warriors! Be encouraged...

Beautiful Day
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Awesome day in the harvest! We had beautiful weather and God-ordained stories: We met a Muslim lady who is seeking and wants to start meeting to read the Bible. A couple of church leaders who attended training today want to start sharing the gospel using the Great Commission 3-circle method at...