Church Plant in Haiti

NEW SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES: Compassion has identified more children from our church plant in Haiti who are in need of a sponsor. If you missed out or would like to add one more sponsorship, now is your chance.


PROJECT UPDATE: We began giving toward starting a new church in Haiti back in mid-March. Thanks for being a wonderfully generous church with a heart for the world. In mid-April, we met our goal of $77,000 for the first new church and now, at the end of May, we are able to fund a second church plant.  We are currently working with Compassion to identify another area of great need so we can partner with a second mother church.  Praise the Lord! Continue giving by designating your gift to “Compassion Project.”


A proposal for FBC Allen to help plant a new church in Haiti and to bring the Good News of Jesus Christ to some of the world's poorest children 


In response to the Great Commission, Compassion International exists as an advocate for children, to release them from their spiritual, economic, social and physical poverty, and enable them to become responsible and fulfilled Christian adults — all for God’s glory. We also speak out for the needs of children in poverty to compel Christians worldwide to respond to God’s call to “look after orphans and widows” through advocating for children (James 1:27).


“The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full” (John 10:10, NIV). True life and hope are found only in the redeeming gospel of Jesus Christ. Fighting poverty is more than providing economic resources — it is defeating the fatalistic lie that we are unworthy of God’s love. At the heart of all Compassion’s work is our commitment to releasing children from spiritual poverty. We pursue this commitment with as much fervor as we approach any other type of poverty.

More than 40,000

Local church partners planted through Compassion International over the past eight years have resulted in more than 40,000 children receiving the gospel.

Planting a New Church Partner

Compassion’s church-based efforts are key to its effectiveness. We invest a great deal of time and money ensuring each new church we partner with is like-minded in ministering to children and evangelizing biblically-based Scripture. Building relationships with more local church partners allow Compassion to open more Child Development Centers in more extreme pockets of poverty and reach more children who otherwise would have no exposure to Jesus’ love and mercy.

Compassion International is seeking committed US churches that are passionate about planting new churches in Latin America and providing needed funds for the construction of a suitable facility for the new church plant. These new churches will be identified and mentored by a local, established "mother" church and extend the reach of the gospel into new, unreached communities through planting a "daughter" church where they already have a ministry presence.

Child Development Through Sponsorship

Once planted, a new Compassion Child Development Center will be among the first outreaches of the new church. Experience shows that, as the local Compassion staff members minister to approximately 200 children in need, visit their homes, and host community events, many parents and other family members become involved in the new church. This unique collaboration of ministry helps new churches grow even faster and stronger as they meet real needs.

Members of your church may wish to expand their individual ministry to children in Haiti by personally sponsoring some or all of the children who will be registered in the new Compassion student center. 

Partnership Opportunity in Haiti

Compassion Haiti has recently identified a target area in need of an accessible local Christ-centered church that preaches and lives God’s Word in partnership with Elise Baptiste de Mussotte. This mother church is approximately 3 miles away from the target neighborhood for this new church plant. Only 20 percent of adults here are employed, typically as day laborers, animal herders or in domestic services. The average family monthly income is equivalent to $21 per month ($2 per day in family income is considered "extreme poverty:). Click for more detail

The mother church has recently secured land in a strategic location (pictured right) through their own resources. The congregation will contribute to this church plant through volunteer labor and helping fund needed materials.

After thoroughly investigating the opportunity, Compassion International has agreed to help raise the funds for this church plant.

Your Investment

Your investment of $76,926 will fund the construction of essential core structures for the new “daughter" church where they can launch a Compassion-assisted student center at the newly constructed facility.


Your funds will help build basic church facilities needed by the congregation and child development center such as:

  • one large multi-purpose room/sanctuary, which normally seats 200 adults
  • 2-3 classrooms for holistic child development
  • kitchen/food preparation space, compliant with local standards
  • restrooms/ sanitation facilities, compliant with local standards
  • electricity & plumbing (typical in most facilities, but not required)



Join Us!

It is our privilege to present this strategic missions opportunity to FBC Allen in an area that greatly needs the message of Jesus Christ. We will help grow God’s Church and give the accompanying care that is best delivered through the personal nurture of a loving local church. We believe you will be a prayerful, effective partner with Compassion International and the soon-to-be-planted Baptist Church of Lorquette in Haiti. Together, we can build, plant and enable a new church for effective Christ-centered ministry among the impoverished families of this community.

Church Plant Timeline

Below is the typical schedule of establishing a new church partner. Specific details of each church plant will be scheduled and communicated as construction plans develop.

  • Month 1: Donation received by Compassion International - COMPLETED! 
  • Month 2: Proposal matched to donation; bids solicited from screened vendors for construction
  • Month 3: Funds sent to Compassion field office
  • Month 4: Initial fund disbursement to vendors; construction begins
  • Month 5: Initial neighborhood visitations and child registrations begin; construction continues
  • Months 5-11: Construction continues; child development center staff training; caregiver orientation
  • Month 12: Dedication and launch of ministry at the new church

Proposed Church Plant in Lorquette, Nippes, Haiti

Elements of our approach to planting churches:

Identify established churches successfully operating Compassion's programs and working with children in an extended community as potential church planters

Thoroughly investigate and vet the capacity of the established church (mother) to plant and mentor a new church (daughter) in the proposed community

Partner with like-minded churches that are able to provide financial resources for the church plant's infrastructure needs, and potentially interested in sponsoring children

Construct new facility, register up to 200 children in Compassion's sponsorship program and communicate the impact of the daughter church to the supporting church partner

Compassion International's Ministry Model

Three distinct foundations of how Compassion works:

We focus exclusively on children — “Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these” (Luke 18:16, NIV). All programs are aligned with developing children holistically (pre-natal through young adulthood) by addressing physical, spiritual, socio-emotional, economic and educational needs.

We work exclusively with the local church — Compassion believes that the Church is God’s agent for change in a broken world, which is why our programs are only offered through partnership with churches in the developing world that have the same passion for prioritizing and ministering to children.

We keep Jesus at the center of all we do — Children and families are not required to profess Jesus as their Savior to participate in our programs, but we want children to hear the gospel, see living faith and be discipled in the ways of Jesus. To this end, every mother and child registered in our programs receive age-appropriate Bibles, which are replaced as children mature and develop.